Jonathan Fink Graphic + Web Design

Allure Salon website Allure Salon, Rocklin


Create a stylish website for Allure Salon, a botique hair salon in Rocklin, CA.


When creating a website for Allure Salon, I wanted to make sure to capture the high-fashion nature of the hair industry. Using a large background image for the Hero section created an inspiring welcome screen. The content was small enough to warrent a one-page website, which is great for mobile devices. Users can scroll their way down the page or use the navigation to make the page scroll for you. For the stylists I used a combination of PHP and Javascript to display the Bios, and the contact form was created using PHP and Ajax. The site is completely responsive and displays nicely on desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Basic PHP, jQuery & D3.js
  • Fonts by Typekit